News and Events around Hokitika

Accommodation isn't all we do, we want to help you enjoy all that Hokitika has to offer.

Jade Court Hokitika's landmark clock tower.

Best Accommodation Award

Wow. Jade Court Motor Lodge has won three awards from Travelbug, the accommodation section of TradeMe. These awards are such a thrill to win – best in region and best in district in the West Coast Region 2011 and 2012 and is based on the highest number of positive reviews received.

More Upgrades

Accommodation in Hokitika is humming and especially at Jade Court Motor Lodge where our bookings are very heavy this summer. January is the month for the annual Sand Sculpture Competition. This year it is all happening between 20th and 26th January. The sculptures created are truly awesome. All materials used can come from the beach only. Last year's winner was a grand piano. Yep, and with the lid tilted open. Amazing.

AgFest returns to Hokitika this July. Our local showcase of agriculture. And the really exciting news is GoldRush 150. Celebrations for 150 years since the start of the gold rush here in Hokitika. 20th December 2014 is the official opening date for a whole year of events. Look for details on our local website

Talking of relaxation

Talking of relaxation reminds me that guests have certainly been enjoying our friendly cats and the little fox terrier, Mac. Throwing a stick for Mac to chase is a favourite occupation for lots of our guests. They get tired and stop before the dog does! Being able to play with our pets is great for those who have left their own at home.